Out of the Gourdinary
Custom Art

Welcome to the NEW Mardi Gourds web site!

After closing the art supply end of Mardi Gourds, I am able to focus once again on creating gourd art and teaching. It has taken some time to shift gears (building a website is an enormous challenge for the technologically impaired!), but I have a whole lineup of gourds waiting to be crafted.

I am reminded of what attracted me to gourds in the first place; the shapely natural forms that are such prime examples of nature's handiwork, and the fact that I can begin with just a seed and grow my own golden canvas. How irresistable is that? Each individual gourd is a container of the seeds for the next generation, symbolizing the feminine, and emanating the vibrational energy of the earth which sustained it for an entire growing season. Thus my creativity begins as Mother Nature's cycle is completed.

Please check the website periodically for new art work in the gallery and for my teaching schedule. In addition to gourd festival classes I will soon have information on custom classes for individuals and groups.

Mary Segreto

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